Windows Messenger 4.7?

So now i can chat with Windows Messenger 4.7.2009 for real?

Any reason you want .2009? Here is my patched msmsgs.exe version of 4.7.3001, which can be extracted to \Program Files\Messenger. No registry modification is needed. I haven’t tested to see what happens if you extract over a .2009 install but you can try if you wish.

With current server issues, you will need to try signing in repeatedly to get in.


Ok thanks i will download this and try it:smile::wink::wink:

Help me i disable ssl 2 and 3 and this happend

Works for me, try again. I reported my findings on the server issues earlier and valtron may had been trying to see if he can get it working on his end.

That’s what it is supposed to happen. Try logging in.

This fixed my problem and I am now able to use the program, thank you very much