MSN 7.5 Portable Zip!

hey guys! i tried to find portable messenger 7.5 and the things i found dont work or is shit but i made a zip with the full messenger 7.5!!iWYVTCoC!FBLtNi-x1kFcsDyvCvcVCnQNP2OenSzUl-qhG_B3coY

You didn’t search very hard did you, one search for the term portable found this.

you cant install messenger plus! or stuffplug and to do that in that zip is
extract to “C:\Program Files” and name theq folder to “MSN Messenger” and done :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a portable messenger you don’t install it anywhere. You extract it and run it from that location. You can’t install plug-ins because it’s not installed anywhere.