Portable MSN Messenger 7.5


Hi everyone! I’m happy to be here ^^
I had a problem trying to install MSN Messenger on a PC of the university because its was blocked by password. However I thought I can open a exe files because I’m developer and my compiled files ends with exe… So, I made a portable version of MSN Messenger 7.5 and it works!
You can download it here
ES: Escargot-MSN-Messenger-7.5-Portable.zip (6,9 MB)
EN: EN - MSN Messenger.zip (6,9 MB)


Is it normal to put escargot on a flash drive and for it to not work?
Portable MSN/Live messenger?

Good job bro!


Thank you so much :smiley:


what does this portable version work on like what devices


why the hell is there a trojan in the download


False-positive, i think.


(6,9 MB)


a comma instead of a dot?

seems pretty “real” enough…




I did the executable with the same files of the installation. :wink:


What’s the problem? :confounded:


But the size of the unzipped file is 7.07Mb… If you unzip the file again, the size is 15MB approx


Upload an english version


Sure! :slight_smile:


Sorry for stay too late :sweat: I uploaded the english version of the portable!




Can you please make the portable from this hungarian installed?
HUN-MSN Messenger.zip (8.0 MB)
Thank you! :slight_smile:


does it work at school?


Crashes :frowning:


Good job !


btw it’s not fully portable program, because i login in my account on one system, but password not saved (checkbox remember password has been checked) on another computer