Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows 7

We need to protest this bulshit !
Who’s with me ?
They can’t force me into Windows 10 I SWEAR TO CHRIST

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just use 8.1

with classic shell to get rid of that god awful start screen

unpopular opinion: i liked the start screen


Mine is running Windows 10 and debloated, using StartIsBack cr@cked because Open Shell (formerly Classic Shell) probably… doesn’t look great yet or etc…
even AeroGlass (cr@cked) aswell.

Sorry, but this is Microsoft’s lifecycle policy and they can’t support a 10 year old OS for much longer. I’m still an XP user and Microsoft supported it for the longest, 18 years!(including the POSReady Regystry Trick)


You still can use Windows 7 after 2020, you just will not get any updates anymore. Btw I don’t care, if it don’t get any updates. Win7 still usable with newest VSC++ and .NET.

PosReady 7 updates?

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Also Windows 7 Extended Security Updates will end support on 2023 along with Windows 8.1

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I liked the Windows 8 version more than the windows 10 one.

No one is forcing you; If you want to use a dated system, no one stops you from anything, you just won’t get security updates, features and support - and the programs will be discontinued soon.

@Nojus2001, for example, is still using Windows XP.

Extended Security Updates will only be available to Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise customers,

Well, thank the lord I have Windows 7 Professional.

and the cost doubles on a year-by-year basis.


For Windows 7 Professional, the starting figure is $50 per device, rising to $200.

Yikes, that rising price though.

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whats VSC++ and .NET ?
I tried looking them up, very un-googleable

VSC++ = I think refers to C++ on Visual Studio?
.NET = .NET Framework, idk how to explain what it is.

i know i keep posting my desktop around too much but windows 10 can look exactly like 7 with the right effort, plus 10 isn’t as bad as its usually claimed to be

windows 8.1 can look exactly like 7 even easier


I thought you were running Windows 7 until i remembered that you were running Windows 10.

really is windows 10 transformed to windows 7, or is it windows 7? xd

it’s windows 10 transformed to windows 7. :stuck_out_tongue: