Microsoft coming for Discord

(gratuitously stolen from r/discordapp, based on the rumours that Microsoft will buy Discord)


I am not sure if i should be happy or pissed… considering that the Windows 10 development is messy as heck, makes me think if microsoft is really going to do great with Discord if they end up buying it…

I actually think it wouldn’t be too bad. I would imagine they’d probably leave the team and their current goals as-is, at least for the short term, and I don’t think they’d try to shoehorn Skype into it right away like they did with Messenger into Skype.

Given other options, I would definitely prefer Microsoft own it, over say, an advertising company.



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we have to shut down microsoft now!

to save the world of messengers

skype died? :thinking:


no but as far as i know msn fell to its death because microsoft, and skype will fall into it as well, and if discord gets owned by microsoft in the future discord is not existent

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it’s good, because discord never been good service

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skype got worse by microsoft, do you want that discord will be worse like skype you just dont care

ok, well

just make microsoft go bankrupt by using linux instead of windows

using like home os?

well yes or use mac anyway


what mac do you have anyway?

i haven’t

honestly, if Microsoft gets discord, I’ll quit that shit.

they’re probably going to turn it into a Xbox service, so there’s probably going to be more raging 8 year olds on discord… yikes.

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If the rumors are true and they do buy it, hello Guilded!