MewScratchNip (a Msn for girls)


I’m a girl, so I made this concept


And “Nip” means catnip.


Cute :stuck_out_tongue:

What else can you tell us about it? What does a MewScratchNip look like, what features does it have? That sort of thing.


Cool idea.

Personally, I’m not a girl, so I’m not particularly hyped for this. :sweat_smile: But hey, whatever floats your boat. :slight_smile:

As for execution, I feel it would just be a simple trip down Resource Hacker-lane and we would be done by then. :wink:


To add, since it’s mentioned in the topic as part of the idea, I always found Messenger to be gender neutral on its own and it seemed to be used by any gender, non-binary, or anyone else.

As some random trivia, the majority of the program managers who worked on the Messenger team throughout Messenger’s life were female. In other words, Messenger was designed by girls (mostly) :stuck_out_tongue:
(also in the developer/coding role, it was the reverse).


I don’t have a pc I have a tablet I’m using now but thanks


I’m not a girl , but I like the idea and I’d like to help if you need it :stuck_out_tongue: In that case, just contact me at via Messenger or email :slight_smile:


Hey, maybe a nice fan made picture of what it looks like will help.
Logo Black MSN Butterfly with cat ears
Background is wooden
The games are Catgotchi, The Adventures of Cinnamoroll, and Kitty Chess.
And others.


I bet this was inspired by CatMessenger, wasn’t it?


I can give it more features if you want :stuck_out_tongue: I might even be able to help with the programming too.


Yep! I have heard about CM.


Do you want me to help you with MewScratchNip?


Sorry I have no pc, but I have a android tablet.


I can make MewScratchNip for you then. Do you want me to?


Make a apk? Sure.


I can’t. :confused: I can only make a .exe :frowning:


Unless you want to modify Mercury Messenger, no. Because MSN Messenger wasn’t officially released for Android. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m… not modding that


What the cinnamon buns…


BFDI david: Aw, seriously!?