MewScratchNip (a Msn for girls)


Mercury Messenger is a 3rd-party MSN client developed for Android. If you search around the forum enough, you’ll find a download link. :slight_smile:


Maybe not motherglazer…


Look, do you at lest want it or not?


I do but I want to give to everybody by posting a topic with the download link to the apk (don’t add too many ads).


I’ll try something. Just be patient.


Number one, why would he? And number two, if my memory serves me correctly, Mercury Messenger doesn’t even have ads on it.


Don’t tell trekie what I did… :frowning:


What were you saying?


I thought you were posting some crude joke about glaze. But then…

Didn’t make sense to keep the post. :confused:

This was the original reply BTW:
I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t shun you for what’s basically a crude joke. :stuck_out_tongue:


Licks a cinnamon bun with glaze




私は釉のシナモンパンが好きです! :slight_smile:


How I spoke japanese:


I’m not dumb lol :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you put cat ears in a butterfly? :v


Don’t take mewriously


funny jokes 2018


google translate s u c k s. there. there’s your answer.


This thread has been dead for almost a year what have you been doing to bump it :thinking:


bumping isnt a joke but HAHhaHHhaHAHhahHAHhahHAhhahHaha