Messenger Rich Presence


Messenger Rich Presence is a program which adds information from Messenger to Discord over the Rich Presence feature. It also has the capability of having other MRP users add you as friend if you send them a game invite.

MRP is capable of showing; your email address, your name, your status and the amount of contacts you have added. The current version is 1.4, if you have any bugs or suggestions please let me know. Just as a note personal messages have been thought about but aren’t possible right now.

Download MRP (250.9 KB)


its cool but its kinda weird to say that ‘‘playing’’ wlm :stuck_out_tongue: anywany congrats!


Yeah I wish that would be customizable in Discord. (it is but not as extensive)


this is interesting

combining old with something new? pff, no problems (maybe)

also whats “ask to join” do?


I tried implementing to add users also over the “Ask to join” button but it just resulted the program to crash in a mysterious way. So it’s only currently possible to do it over game invites.



This is a really clever idea :+1: :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job craft!




Update to windows 7 sp1 not rtm and willl will


you need a x64 system , you have one ?


no :neutral_face:


we told you 100 times to update to win 7 SP1 dont be stupid kid,be smart


If he doesn’t want to update to SP1, then do not insist in vain! He won’t listen anyway.


So give up


Bad topic lmao


Lets try again. @penguin001 are you intentionally doing this? Kill others with your shit questions and shit answers? Lets install your fckng service pack 1 and it will works. Triggered.


Should’ve I mentioned that it is compiled in 64-bit? Sorry if it doesn’t run on your system. I’ll be releasing a software suite of Messenger programs that I made which I hope will contain a version suited for your system.


I find it funny that people are screaming at @penguin001 because he didn’t upgrade his Windows 7 install to SP1 or use a x64-friendly OS and system (looking at you @Machintosh_Lapfan :unamused:) so that he could run MRP, which is funny considering the problem in question was related to the architecture type the program was compiled in, and nothing to do with the apparent “bugs” of RTM Windows 7. Take out the obvious pointer, and you’d see people throwing tantrums over someone using a version of an OS they don’t like because it has “bugs”, which is from what I’ve seen are just a bunch of minor glitches that someone could glaze over and not care about.

Since this is an architectural problem, and @Craftplacer stated on the Discord that the problem lied in the x64 version of the Discord RPC DLL he used, if there is an x86 version of such, he can simply swap the DLLs and boom, it works on the “evil Windows 7 RTM”.

As for everyone else, stop jumping to conclusions because something unrelated and minor you sensed elsewhere in the problem got on your nerves. :confused:


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