Messenger Plus! works with Escargot

If you can find an executable for Messenger Plus, you can patch the Escargot versions of MSN Messenger and it works fine. (I’ve only tested the 7.0 patched edition, but I’m sure it works on most of them)

The colored usernames only show up with other people with it installed (like they should). I found an installer that goes up to 7.0 (at least) on Internet Archive that you can download at


Can confirm. Works for me too on 7.5.0324 pre-patched.

It’s working, except for exclusive/custom sounds. (can’t reach the Plus servers on 7.0 patched edition)

We can probably revive the Plus! server?

Work in 7.5 version, but run too slow in my PC. :confused:

I believe that’d be possible because I’d assume it uses standard HTTP. My attempts at finding the URLs it connects to have been unsuccessful because I have no idea how to use Wireshark, but maybe someone else can tinker with it.

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Fiddler or Charles would be better suited for HTTP decoding (Fiddler is free, you can get Charles for free :wink:)

works for me messenger 7.5

I found the latest - MsgPlus-363*/


Wayback Machine*
Can someone please download all of the files from above to keep them archived.

I think I’ve got the sounds working again.



Plus sounds working normally here now with your patch. Thanks.

Cool, thanks for taking the time to give it a go. I had only tested with myself over the past few days until now :stuck_out_tongue:


i still get error occured while contacting the server after patching. tried both automatic and manual installation

Works on Messenger 7.5 pre-patched

Were you able to send msnplus sounds to other people without any errors?