Messenger plus script development


does somebody know how to write code for a script in messenger plus? I had an idea that involves scripts to help Noggy Shield’s real time URL detection

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That’s a great idea, Maigol. But I know absolutely nothing about scripts :sweat:


I just tagged you cause maybe you could be interested in this :v


i alredy make a post about a suggrestion of script maker




I know xD


know what


pretty sure Plus! 4 Scripts are Javascript or something…


yeah, i just noticed that… thanks


Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but here is the Messenger Plus! Script documentation. @Patchou wrote up a nice Getting started section that introduces you to the whole thing.

Please note that if the contents show up as blank, you need to uncheck ''Always ask before opening this file" when opening or choose Unblock in the file’s property sheet in Explorer.


Yeah, I found it some minutes ago, next time I’ll investigate a little bit more by myself before asking :sweat_smile:

Big thanks for your answer anyways :slight_smile:


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@Maigol : if you need help after reviewing the doc, don’t hesitate to ping me.


It’s a good start to the topic :slight_smile:

I posted an early script that dt made to check out. It’s a little easier to read than some of the bigger scripts with GUIs and multiple javascript files that you might find.


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