Messenger Activity SDK/API Guide

Hello developers,
If somebody want to learn MSN Messenger Activity developing there’s a guide how to start it.
I think every important thing is written there. I’ve included the Help file (CHM) where you can read to file. (585.1 KB)

If you can’t open the file because you get an IE error, watch this reply: Messenger plus script development

Anyways thanks to the OhHelloThereImTheGuy and the other guys who’s shared this guide to us.

Good luck.


There’s more to this.

Here is the full original SDK package: (609.7 KB)

A PowerPoint deck from the original Messenger Developer Group Product Planner Scott Swanson (the guy behind P4 Activities): (263.8 KB) Also on the web, although the not-really-important notes aren’t there. If anyone has access to BetaArchive the PDC 2005 discs would contain the video of the presentation.

A sandbox environment made to test activities out:
Sandbox.rar (94.5 KB)