Messenger for iOS / Android / Symbian / Windows Mobile

Found a working (cracked) ipa file on the net!
I’ve installed it and tested it!
It’s "working with original ms account.
-Loads my profile pic. and loads my name
Social is empty, friends list empty, chats empty, photos empty.
Attached the pictures and the two configuration files with the original server adresses.
I’ll try to change the adresses to see if it connects to escargot or not!GlobalSettings.txt (87.2 KB)
GlobalSettings-INT.txt (86.7 KB)



Can you share the IPA file and the procedure to install it?

Btw, is your iPhone jailbroken?

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is there even a way to change a apps server

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Bad news for today…
Changed 2 lines of servers to escargot, now i got cannot login…
I’ve got jailbroken iphone with appsync!
Today evening I’ll upload the ipa file!

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It’s not yet possible to have this version working with Escargot. Indeed, it uses login method and protocol version not yet supported by Escargot.

But, if you can explain 1) how you installed it, 2) how we can edit the config file and 3) share the IPA file, this will help us developpers to make it working when Escargot will be ready for the login method / protocol version.


  1. Yes! I can see it! It looks like it uses the same https login like wlm 2012 :frowning:
    Of course :
  2. You need a Jailbroken iPhone with Cydia
    on sources tab add:
    install AppSync Unified (this will accept cracked apps)
    Than Install iTools 3 on your pc and simply import the ipa to your iPhone.
    2)Just rename the IPA file to ZIP
    Unpack it and search GlobalConfig and GlobalConfig-INT plist.
    Now you can simply edit the config files (GlobalSettings.plist and GlobalSettings-INT.plist) with plist editor.
    Then simply copy it to zip file and overwrite original ones.
    Rename back the file from zip to ipa.
    Ready to install :slight_smile:
  3. The ipa and the plist editor attached
    Plist.Editor.Pro.2.1.rar.txt (6.0 MB)
    Messenger-v1.2.3.ipa.txt (7.5 MB)
    Just remove the unnesessary extensions :slight_smile:
    You’re welcome! Hope it will help you!
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yeah umm
sorry I don’t want a jailbroken phone. need another way to do it.

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Karen’s Repo ( instead of a dodgy piracy repo for something as simple as AppSync.

that’s still jailbreaking it. need non-jailbreak option.

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Well it’s not that easy to modify apps for free on iOS due to the locked down nature. Most new jailbreaks are easy to reverse, and aren’t that intrusive unless you get some dodgy tweaks or you start customizing everything.

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well i still don’t want it jailbroken. soon i won’t have an iPhone and therefore won’t have messenger for a phone any way. so no point in jailbreaking it if i won’t be keeping the iPhone.

First of all! It was a simple tutorial, how i installed a “working” app on my phone, and how can we edit the configurations.
I think for developing the ios version of wlm, the only way is to make it on a jailbroken phone.
When it works fune we can search for someone who writes ios apps and can make a new app whith the same functions.
When it’s ready and working it can be availiable at the appstore for anyone without jailbreak.
If anyone has the sourcecode, please upload it here!
Ps: why don’t you write here:
“I don’t want to use modded messenger… please fix the original one!!!” ??? :joy::joy::joy:

I didn’t say it because I do want to use it but not as an app that requires a jailbroken device. pretty soon I won’t have a phone that runs ios nor android. so i’m trapped into saying I can’t. the store i go to for phones takes the phones back into their possession. they will notice whether it’s been jailbroken. any sign of jailbreak and they won’t accept the phone and / or will ban me with an exception of using emergency calls.

Okay mate!
But we are talking about developer usage!
Not normal usage! For developer usage you can use iphone with ios beta version or jailbroken one.
For android you can use leaked beta version or rooted one.
On android you can run cracked apps without root acces but on ios if you try to use an app what is downloaded from the net, it will ask you for the apple id and pw what was used to “purchase” it.
Without it you cannot install anyway!

yeah i tried. both ways still requires device to be jailbroken. No thanks to that. can’t use it anyway if it’s going to be that way. go ahead and get a developer to try to recreate the app. that’s going to be hard to do for the developer. it’s not impossible and can be done. though I may have an ios device now I won’t have either one soon. not ios and not android. I’ll have to wait another to be fixed as the system won’t be either of those. this exchange is taking place next week.

Did some reserch and found 2 msn compatible clients…
Will do some tests with them!
When finished testing I’ll upload results and files for developing! :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how can I patch it to work on my Android phone??

patch what? the Mercery APK is pre-patched, so you don’t have to change some values in it.


ooh :v I didn’t know… but which of all these is the one?

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