Messenger for iOS / Android / Symbian / Windows Mobile


I found some versions of the original Messenger for iOS / Windows Mobile / Android / Symbian.

I have not tested these versions necause I don’t have the devices required. So if you have some phones lying arround, I need your help testing them. They won’t work with Escargot for sure because they are unpatched. Maybe routing some domains to the Escargot server IP address may allow them to work…

If you manage to install / launch them, would be great if you can report here how you did, which version is the file you installed, which language is the file you installed, …



I already have windows live messenger on my current phone but have not patched it yet as I don’t know how.
I did however try to get some files out of it and post it in the other windows live messenger for phones topic.

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Never mind, some how it worked later.

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The file download fail but are downloadable if restarted multiple (not guaranteed to not be corrupt)

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Tested Andriod and iOS apps. The Andriod ones work but most of them are in chinese and didn’t figure a way to make any of them connect to escargot server, and as for iOS ones none of them work on my iPhone 3G

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Hola los probe en Android, todos están en chino y ninguno acceso.:blush:
Espero haber podido ayudarte.

I tried replacing the one I had but it seems to replace facebook messenger instead of the actual msn messenger app.

as soon as escargot supports the msnp18 protocol (wlm 2009) the mobile versions can be easily revived. have pention! :slight_smile:


I expect :slight_smile:

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For people who can not download the Android version (like me :confused:), click here to go to the Messenger Play! download page (which is cited as the name of the official MSN app). In the link provided at the beginning of the topic is a bit bad, because the download is iconist, for several times. If they tried to edit this and the other apps for their respective PC platforms (with Notepad++) they could make it connect when Escargot supports the msnp18 protocol as previously mentioned by alexisnick19911.

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Would be interested to know if any of the iPhone versions I provided can be installed? I have no iPhone but I found this document that explains how to install .ipa file.

Of course, if you know a better way to doi it, please share it.

Can you report success/failure along with the ipa filename and your iPhone and iOS versions?

Exemple: FAILURE / Messenger 1.2.3.ipa / 3GS / 10.0.0


Escargot Dev Team

FAILURE / Messenger 1.0.1.ipa / iPod touch 5th Generation / 9.3.5
FAILURE / Messenger 1.2.1.ipa / iPod touch 5th Generation / 9.3.5
FAILURE / Messenger 1.2.3.ipa / iPod touch 5th Generation / 9.3.5
Attempting to installing via iTunes brought up this error:

Installing those Messenger IPAs on a new device without having it on your iTunes account is pretty much impossible without jailbreak and using a cracked IPA. Even if you already have the app on your device, patching the app would require a jailbreak and probably some technical knowledge.

@Nintel Use iFunbox

That’s what I used to install apps on my Iphone

I forgot about iFunbox. The app shows up on the home screen, but when I open it, it prompts my Apple ID and password. When I put my credentials in, it shows this Verification Failed message:

Also, this message pops up on iTunes:

Guys, if you want to have a tiny chance of having a Messenger version for iPhone one day, someone will have to figure how to install one of these versions so we can have a look at it. They interest me because I have been reading they use the normal MSNP server (not XMPP or some kind of proxy).

If someone can install it, we can probably understand how it works. Indeed, it seems it’s possible to save the traffic sent by an iPhone:

It seems these versions are encrypted also. So if someone can figure out how to decrypt them… on Internet they say to use a tool named Clutch. It would be good to be able to look at the code.

Hi! I have a jailbroken iphone running on ios 6.1.4. If you give me download link, i can install it, and we can figure out how it works!

Found a working (cracked) ipa file on the net!
I’ve installed it and tested it!
It’s "working with original ms account.
-Loads my profile pic. and loads my name
Social is empty, friends list empty, chats empty, photos empty.
Attached the pictures and the two configuration files with the original server adresses.
I’ll try to change the adresses to see if it connects to escargot or not!GlobalSettings.txt (87.2 KB)
GlobalSettings-INT.txt (86.7 KB)



Can you share the IPA file and the procedure to install it?

Btw, is your iPhone jailbroken?

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is there even a way to change a apps server

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