Mercury Messenger for Android with Escargot support

UPDATE it does not work --im on android 10–

im using msnp11 or 15 or 21 and it does not do nothing.

anyone having the same issue???

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I can’t connect to the MSN server. It works on my computer just not on the app. Any idea how to fix that?

I also cannot connect to mercury messenger :S I think its dead :frowning:

when Mercury get last update? I think developer(s) don’t care about it anymore

maybe we need wait escargot fix for original mobile clients?


the developers dont care anymore about the mobile solutions.i dont know , try to report in the discord server of escargot.maybe someone will help you…

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Says who?
From my testing, Mercury has been working fine. Some people have reported issues with it lately, I’ll investigate it soon.
Don’t spread misinformation. It’s kind of pathetic at this point.

pathetic? oh come on.

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As I said, I know there are problems, and I’m investigating them.
And you said, and I quote,

…which is false. I don’t know where you got that information, but it’s just plain wrong.
Also, I don’t know why you brought Trekie up, it had nothing to do with the conversation, yet you decided to bring that up. Well, when arguments fail, I guess that’s an attempt…

Yeah, I have no idea what this means, and I do not care.

Maybe instead of attacking people out of nowhere you should… behave like a grown up. Oh wait. This is MessengerGeek.

“professional” trolling isn’t it?


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I find it hilarious that someone could be so ignorant and so self important at the same time as you constantly make yourself out to be. You incessantly state incorrect information about the service and discord showing you know diddly dong about what’s been going on the last 8 months.

I realise you think it’s the way it was before just someone worse in charge, but you just constantly demonstrate you’re a dingus. I see you and a couple others on this forum do this all the time, and you have the audacity to call anyone else pathetic and arrogant, my god, a hail storm of laughter.

Anima has been working tirelessly on the service, we’ve been expanding it, we have more users and sign ups than we did before, we have a larger discord than it was when we took things over (nearly 4x larger) and it’s still less chaotic and “toxic” than it was then. You don’t know that because you sit here jacking yourself off talking about how you know what’s really going on yet consistently demonstrate you are pretty damn ignorant – or maybe you do know this and you’re just a total weirdo obsessed with saying the opposite just because you don’t like us, I’m not sure which is sadder.

Do yourself a favour and either figure out what’s really going on or shut up, it’s making you look more and more ridiculous.


i’m DONE talking with anima and friend of him/hers.
when YOU PEOPLE realise the false mud you through on TREKIE then we talk again

and the same goes to you ->do us the favor the leave the geek forum go on your escargot server and make some useful instead of talking for people you don’t know behind their back :slight_smile:


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