Meet the Noggy Shield (BETA) - Protect your MSN against malicious links


After a while, we finally made progress on Noggy Shield. Many thanks to the @Maigol, without him this project would not leave the paper.

Noggy Shield is a program that monitors all the URLs sent and received on your MSN with the Sucuri or URL Void. If it detects a malicious link/phishing, it will alert the user.

OBS: Real-time URL tracking only works on version 2.0 BETA and you need to copy the link so Noggy Shield checks it.

BETA 2.0 (English):
BETA 2.0 (Español):
BETA 1.0 (Português Brasileiro):
BETA 1.0 (Italiano):

Thanks for Deathlife23 for Italian translation.

More languages will be added soon. To translate NS for your language yourself, click here.


I helped a little with Noggy Shield, @Maigol is a friend of mine in MSN Messenger, he has some knowledge in VB.NET, so I passed the contact of Maigol to @zRioziin to help in Noggy Shield :grinning:


i saw this coming


I created a logo (i updated the logo deleting the black bars of the shield):

And here is the old version, with the black bars in the shield:

What version is better?

  • With black bars
  • Without black bars

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Nice!! Maybe we’ll make it the icon of the program :slight_smile:
Can you tell me what font did you use?


I used Impact font, i did the logo because i only helped in ideas and broughting you on the project, so i’m working on the program design now :smiley: , if you want some banner or something more for Noggy Shield, here is my contact:


i can help with the icon :smiley:


We already had the icon:


i got an idea too
ill work still


using kool 2000 styled ms icons


I just had a try on your logo. Maybe one of these ideas/suggestions?


my ideas (transparency makes you look like you don’t use ms paint):






idea: clean 64px logo.



even done 128px:

NOW: cleaned up 32px:


I dont think it fits the mood doe


not descriptive.


and its original size


idk then

fill to be able to post


I liked these icons


also, updated versions were below that post.