Media plugins for modern players / alternatives


I’m looking for a solution to display my “Now Playing” status with modern audio / video players. Back in the good times, around 2010 I could display both because the media players had those options.

Do we have now any solution for this? Besides installing old media players (which obviously will not handle modern formats :frowning:)


I made a plugin for MusicBee a while ago, I’ve posted it here:


the now playing status works with windows media player 12 ( windows 7 , 8 , 8.1 and 10 )


Thank you both for the very quick help, I’m glad for both of you. Now the only thing missing is to show the video file ( I tested WMP does not show the video playing) is there a solution for that as well.


Even when Messenger was active, showing the video info from players was considered a bug and considered undesired, for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:.

The only way I can think of is to use Winamp as a video player with a plugin that supports showing the video, like this one:

As for other players, I do know VLC dropped Messenger support back in 2.1, and I’m not even sure it was working then or would show for video.