MessengerBee (Messenger plugin for MusicBee)


This is a simple plugin for MusicBee which will show your currently playing song in Messenger.

To install, download and run the self-extracting executable, choose to extract the files to the MusicBee plugin folder, and then restart MusicBee if it was running.

If MusicBee is installed in another folder other than what’s shown, please change the path before extracting.

You can check that MessengerBee is active by going into MusicBee’s preferences, choose the Plugins category and look for MessengerBee listed there.

Media plugins for modern players / alternatives

thanks star TReKiE[2]


Pretty neat!!

…now can we get something like this for foobar2000? :stuck_out_tongue:


in the end, it depends on the API

(expecting a edge song reference, didn’t ya?)


Well, i have a problem. I have the plugin for MusicBee and Aimp. The song appears to me but not to my friends. :<


@leeadelinelf make sure you have Turn on ‘what I’m listening to’ in messenger. here is a screenshot of it.