Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


Marcus, custom emoticons don’t show up for my friend and I on 7.0 either, so it’s not just you.


Same here.

In my chat window i can see custom animated emoticons but they are not visible for the other person.

I’ve tried with 7.0 and 7.5.


Custom emoticons do not work here either. My friends do not see them, only me. (MSN 7.0)

@damondaniel @Marcus_Salomao and @DhaVhe


The MSNP2P (display pictures, custom emoticons) problems are caused mostly (I think, not sure) by the use of pipeauth (putting password in email, it’s the name i came up for it).

Try using 7.0 for now and logging in normally (without password in email). In my tests, display pictures worked, as did custom emoticons (mostly); the only issue that remained was file transfers crash the sender’s MSN when they were accepted.

(I know, so convoluted… to log in to 7.5 you have to do one thing, to log in to 7.0 have to do another…)


Hello bro, do you if theres a way in MSN itself or MSN Plus to add custom emotes from friends?

I’m from Brazil, and I have a backup of my old sounds. But it seems that custom sounds its not working.

I’m the only one?

(French User)
Msn 7.5


Can anyone get custom sounds to work for msn plus? I’m using msn 7 and anytime I try to send a sound it says there was an error while contacting the server. It was working fine using msn 2012 with msn reviver before the servers shutdown :cry:


How’s the security looking on the server? I take it MSNP doesn’t have any sort of encryption no matter what…


Hi all,

Feel free to add me on Escargot @ :slight_smile:

Location: Perth, Australia


back on the 2005 theres was so much encryption…dont forget that wlm2012 was the first encryption version!


Maybe the overall ambience about shutting down all the official MSN servers is pretty depressing, but I just want to let to know, basically for the knowledge by itself, that Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, inside it’s Media Center interface’s Windows Messenger, can actually make use of Escargot server.



If I recall it’s just using the Messenger API, seen also in Outlook Express. It’s just using the ‘real’ Messenger already installed as opposed to be being one on its own :stuck_out_tongue:

The Messenger API is available all the way through to 2012, although they took a lot of the functionality out as it was being used for IM spam.


I’ve noticed the huge blow up about this thread’s popularity, as well as the Escargot Server’s one.
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Does anyone know why any link I open in msn 7 opens in IE? I made sure Chrome is my default browser but it still opens in IE


The links are opening fine for me in the default browser, although earlier versions of Messenger forced IE, Messenger 7 shouldn’t have this issue. Have you tried setting another browser (say, Internet Explorer) to default and then having Chrome set it back? If I recall, Windows has several places where it defines the default browser and Messenger only made use of one of them.

If that doesn’t work, knowing which Windows version you’re using, knowing if it’s 32-bit or 64-bit, and which Messenger version you’re using would be useful.


Ok I fixed it, I had to disable IE 11 in windows features. For anyone else having this problem simply go to Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features>Turn Windows features on or off in the left sidebar>Uncheck IE 11 :grinning:


Same problem with custom emoticons, not working in 7.0 :frowning:


Have you tried logging in normally (by putting your e-mail in the e-mail section and password in the password section, not the “name|” method)? That fixed it for me.


@damondaniel is on the right track. The “name|” method is only a temporary hack for 7.5 and versions before MSN 5.