Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


Bump this, i would love to see wlm 2009 live again!


I imagine everyone, including myself, would like to see MSN2009 working again

It may take a while, since it’s a bit tricky and more advanced than MSN 7.0. Much information is missing about how the MSN2009 server works.

But I inform you that it is possible, but it can take a while.


I hope to get WLM working eventually… currently I’m stuck on 7.5, because it’s the first version that does SOAP requests and it doesn’t like my replies for some reason. Stay tuned. :kissing_heart:


waiting ahead for 7.5 version here :smiley:


7.5 is online!!! thank you @valtron :slight_smile:



With MSN 7.5, I keep getting the “800488fa” sign-in error. I get this issue with MSN Switcher on and off and with WLM2012 open and fully exited. This is the patched version so I do not know the issue.


@valtron can you help here???


@MichaelPower No idea why that happens, it works for me. What version is it? It’s only known to work with 7.5.0322 and 7.5.0324; 7.5.0311 gives the 0x80048820 error.


Once I also tried using MSN with MSN Switcher and without it and presented the same error. I was able to use it with the portable version, just download and replace it in the MSN Messenger folder in Program Files. Or use hex editor to change the server manually.

MSN 7.5 working perfectly here, only thing I noticed was the photo of the user, which does not seem to be sent to the server. Already on MSN 7.0 it works perfectly.

MSN Switcher worked only once here, and then stopped. Sorry for bad English.


Finally got 7.5 to work using the prepatch download.
Do custom emoticons not work anymore?


My contact is


It’s version 7.5.0324.
Never mind, just had to read the whole server info with the username and password


Couple of questions i have about this.

1: You are hosting your private server, so this means that it doesn´t use official microsoft servers?

2: Does this mean that you are only able to chat with people that specificlly join your server only?
Or in other words you are not able to chat with contacts that are on the skype network and such?

3: plain text no encryption: does this mean that you are able too see users login credentials?


Oh please yes!


Hi guys, where can I download the 7.5 version mentioned here?


Now, everytime I try to connect on MSN 7.5 I get the error 80048820…
Does someone knows what I am doing wrong?


to log in with MSN older than 5.0, or MSN 7.5, you have to put your password inside the email field, like this: myname| (It doesn’t matter what you put in “real” password field.)


@Marcus_Salomao Alexis is on the right track, that’s the error you get if you try to log in “normally”.



1 & 2: That’s right, no microsoft/skype servers are involved at all. I am thinking of eventually “man-in-the-middle”-ing to Skype so people could use their real accounts/contacts, but it looks like no one’s figured out the Skype protocol yet. :frowning:

3: With or without encryption, the server (i.e. me, if you’re worried) can see your password. In general this is why you should use a different password for every site; you never know who you can trust! :spy:

However, if you’re referring to the “name|” login method, it’s true that does send your password over the net without encryption which means anyone (your ISP, NSA) could see it. Unfortunately I don’t have a better idea for getting MSN <5 or 7.5 working without it.