Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


Anyone here that got the msn plus sounds to work? I’ve followed the patching guide on the other thread but it still shows error contacting server.


yo homies! :smiley:
if anyone wants to chat with me, here is my email:
i’m Darius from Romania, 16 years old, and i’m using msn 7.5, works so good on my pc :slight_smile:



wow, even the discord team (may just be a bot, idk) comfirms MSN Classic (Mainstream in Early 2000s) was cool.


It might actually be them because it took ~2.5 hours to get a response. A bot would respond within a couple seconds. Unless there was downtime… :thinking:


and this msn 7 server evolved in to the msn server we all know and love today, Escargot




how ? i opened escargot.msi and msn.exe dont meet the url redirect to use myself server


edit msnmsgr.exe, not the MSI.
@Spriteclad, the string is in binary (.text), not an actual resource in the folder (.rsrc)


i edit exe, but i only meet one url !!!
and the url doesnt exist in msn 7.5


keep looking, it’s for some reason hidden to the find function.


what!!!then how i will meet it to change :frowning:


how i meet it? i think the builder gave names wrong


just look in the pile of URLs, it’s somewhere at the bottom, also orignal server (not modifed) must be, instead of


yea that i saw and i changed yet but the second .asmx i dont meet this in the msn.exe 7.5


when will you make compatible msnp18


Right now, the Escargot dev team (including me) have hit a snag on progress with implementing MSNP18 (WLM 2009). Mainly because they can’t get it to connect to the Escargot dev server. Heck, I even tried getting WLM 2009 to connect to the dev build of the Escargot server, and to no avail, yet I could get it to connect via connection testing in the program itself. I can only assume that there is probably some DLL (like msidcrl) that WLM 2009 uses, but uses it entirely to connect to the Messenger server (please note this is only speculation here :stuck_out_tongue:).

That’s all I have to say. :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, just dont tell me about 2009 cause i spent a full hour trying to make the theme decent