Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


hey, I’m new there, I’m from Brazil, here’s my msn: black.window@live.com
I speak english and portuguese :slight_smile:


Hello, new Escargot user :slight_smile: i added you, my mail is: urdanetaa19@gmail.com


add me at christiannoble@comcast.net I love to talk about computers but mostly windows xp. Add me :slight_smile:


I added you :wink:


Looking for people - furries targeted - to chat with.
I got a lot of interest in Wii hacking, animation, emulation, and Super Mario 64 Online.


Add me to MSN Messenger - my email is " elchicojuan_17@hotmail.com " I speak Spanish, and English <-- (but not fluent english.)
I’m from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. :wink:



you speak portuguese brazillian,portuguese europen and a little of english and spanish!



New to escargot (i use 7.0), looking for someone to talk to while i’m bored. Not that active but i still log on every once in a while.



Just starting using Escargot today. By the way, I use MSN 7.5.


Hi, new MSN Messenger user! i added you :wink:


I want to talk to several people on MSN messenger, I use MSN 7.5 and my email is : jeanletrividic@gmail.com, hope we can chat soon ! I’m French and I talk english too !


Hello! new MSN Messenger user! i added you


Ok ! let’s chat !


I’ve lost you from my contacts !
How ?


Can you give me you email adress, so I can add you again ?


you’re welcome, mine is yellows111@winmessenger47.escargot


I’m losing several contacts without any reason…


If you want to add me, fill the EMAIL please !


is there any Users from Asia ?


Hey! You can add me via this address:
I’m 19 and from Cheshire, England.