Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Balneario Camboriu, Brazil




add me up fam



whenever im trying to add ppl its says something about microsoft passport


I’m gamer guy, singer and guitar player from Argentina, 28 years old.

I speak both english and spanish, feel free to add me!



add me


add me agreguen deadlocked.-@hotmail.com


My name is Alex and I live in Coimbra, Portugal.
I’m 22years old and I speak Portuguese, English and I understand Spanish when writen or spoken. But I don’t really like to use it that much so I’ll just stick mostly to the first two.
If you want, feel free to add me:
" saoptsurvivor@gmail.com "

I also have a Portuguese friend from Lisbon who also uses MSN. His name is Ruizinho o Bicho.
Add him also! " rui-921@hotmail.com "


Hi, Karl from India
feels good to be back here.
Add me…


norwegian boy 24 years old, talk english, add me :sunglasses:


this is my escargot:

PS: if you added me and i have not responded in the next 5 mins after you add me, that is because messenger does not refresh to check if i have got new requests… that is why i cannot talk right after i got a new request.


Add me


add me please, i will respond faster and we can also chat about whatever you like (music, games, and other stuff)

greetings from Romania :wink:



I speak french, english, spanish and portuguese
Montevideo, Uruguay

See you!!



From São Paulo, Brazil.
English and Portuguese. :slight_smile:


If anyone wants to add me , kevindos1996@gmail.com . Feel free to add me :slight_smile:

I want to know new contacts in MSN Messenger

frnvndvxcv@gmail.com :slight_smile:


i added you ! Mine is tico59_6@hotmail.com


Hey!, my mail is guillermo123@gmail.com, feel free to add me!!


Hi all !
I’m from France and here is my escargot mail : laerang@gmail.com
I can speak French (obviously) and English ! (A little spanish too)
Feel free to add me :smiley:


Hello! new Escargot user, i added you :wink: