Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Hey! You can add me via this address:
I’m 19 and from Cheshire, England.


Hello! new MSN Messenger user! i added you :thumbsup:


hey hoy :smiley:
email: inanotech23@live.com
from croatia :stuck_out_tongue:
interests: gaming, programming, anime, movies…


Hi! new user, i added you :wink:


My username is finleydale@protonmail.com

Feel free to add me.




hola a todos soy de buenos aires argentina,agregenme lembrancacarioca@hotmail.com :sonrojo:


hola soy rodo de buenos aires,argentina agregenme lembrancacarioca@hotmail.com


This is mynetx at jm-at-jublo.net on Escargot.


Is there any Asian people out there ?


are any of these contacts interested in talking about computers or vintage stuff if so message me back!


Hi I’m from Argentina and i wanna talk and go back to older times


yo solo hablo espanol,provamos igual jee lembrancacarioca@hotmail.com


yo si me conecto lembrancacarioca@hotmail.com soy de argentina


I’m still on Escargot MSN 7.5 since 4-5 months :smiley:
If you want add me, then my email addres is: balazsuser@hotmail.com

I’m from Dunaújváros, Hungary
I’m Hungarian
I can speak english and hungarian.
My hobby is play computer games :smiley:
I regularly on MSN 7.5 :smiley:


UK Guy here :slight_smile:
You may have seen me around a bit here, my MSN is;

Feel free to add me and talk


Mexico, Chihuahua



Vilnius, Lithuania.


tsintidissofos@live.com Add me Guys im new here

Katerini,Greece i speak english and greek


i added you guys ! ( tico59_6@hotmail.com )