Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Hello! new user, i added you :smile: my contact is urdanetaa19@gmail.com


Hello! I’m Can, from Istanbul, Turkey. Glad to see that MSN lives on!!



Hello new user, i added you! my contact is urdanetaa19@gmail.com


Hello, my name is Mélanie and I am 38 years old. I live in France, in the department of Charente Maritime (17). I just installed MSN and I am looking for contacts.
Here is my address :


Add me :slight_smile:


Hola, Quiero hacer amigos!
Agrégame :3
Soy algo otaku


ola zelda_gvc@hotmail.com de mexico


narukorizon@gmail.com, a guy from Finland :slight_smile:



Hello world…
I’m from South korea.
Looking for new people from the world.
(Female, 37 Yeard old)


Hello new user! i added you! :wink:


escargot server
oklahoma city/male (thats all the info you get)

if anyone here makes games, be happy to chat with

im only english

new edit: sorry about the weird characters exclusion, i think its a bug with 6.2
but yeah go ahead and for everyone who didnt get invited ill reinvite

edit 2: upgraded to 7.5 but forgot the password to maverick so add new email


Hello there !
As pretty much everybody, I’m looking for people to talk to !

I’m from France

Thank you !


I am a game developer from Canada



Anyone from the old MSN RP days still around? haha



My name is Aurélien and i’m from france, i’m 18 and i speak French (obviously) English and a little bit of german & russian. I like animals, cats (i’m a cat lover) animes/Mangas, movies (especially horror), learning languages, games (such as Minecraft & 3DS games). So if you like one of these things feel free to add me


Je t’Ai ajouté Aigle67 je suis Québécois :slight_smile: tico59_6@hotmail.com


Morelos, Mexico

I speak spanish and english, love anime, cartoons, tokusatsu, etc.
But anyone can feel free to add me and talk about whatever.


Te agrego y me dice que existe tu dirección


My contact is brandnew_murilo@hotmail.com
I’m from Brazil and let’s chat!


HOla soy Jota 27 años

mi correo: cachorro_jcch@hotmail.com



Mi messenger: elmejorete68@gmail.com