Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Version of MSN I use: Windows Live Messenger 2009
OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021 (with Windows Vista theme)
I only speak English, sorry guys!
Feel free to add me!
:underage: MINORS DON’T INTERACT :underage:
Age: 18 years (January 5th, 2006)
I’m someone who likes video games, drawing, animation, Lemon Demon, TV’s Kyle, rhythm video games, Scott Pilgrim, and old technology in general!

Hope we become friends! n.n

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hi peeps I’m Ranvir
I like tech coding anime i speak English, and my time zone is UTC -6
I’m very into modding and messing around with stuff
plz don’t be weird
and yeah, I can’t wait to meet you guys!!


G’day everybody! I recently got back to msn because I didn’t have free time so plz hit me up cuz I’m pretty bored rn.

MSN: tim2005kotik@escargot.chat

14, Brazil
I speak english too

male, English
Im interested in sports, music, and all sorts really, would lovve to get to know more people, hope youre all having a great day.
Add me soon hehe :slight_smile: (WLM 2009)


Hello I’m Abdalla from Palestine and I feel nostalgic for wlm 2009 add me if you want
I speak Arabic / a little English


been a bit…
14yrs old
loves minecraft
obsessed with tech
and feel free to add me ifw
(also don’t be wierd plz)