Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?

Turkey, GMT+3
English, Turkish
Age: 16

If your contact list are empty like mine and looking for someone to randomly talk to, feel free to add me on Escargot Messenger! I have decent english and interests in gaming, blogging, tech, movies and music.

Hi everyone… It’s been a while since I posted here.
I’m trying to be active tho.
Y’all can still add me, I’m pretty lonely over here lol.
I’m 18, my general interests are music, games, tech (old and new, but especially old)
Sonic and more recently SpongeBob things too.
I talk English of course, and Hungarian.
Timezone: CET (UTC+1) (but I’m a night owl)
I like to flex with stuff I own, so beware (jk)
Please do not add me if you were born after 2008, I don’t want to deal with kids…
Thank you.
And merry christmas folks


can add me :slight_smile:
English, Turkish
Age: 35

Hola a todos, ando por estos lados después de mucho tiempo.
Soy alguien que gusta de los videojuegos, ilustración, animación, música y un largo etc. :face_with_monocle:

Tengo 22 años y soy de Chile, espero llevarnos bien n.n

WLM 2009: exgal@escargot.chat

Hi everyone, I’m here after a long time.
I’m someone who likes videogames, illustration, animation, music and a large etc. :face_with_monocle:

22 y/o and I’m from Chile, I hope we get along well n.n

WLM 2009: exgal@escargot.chat


Version of MSN I use: MSN 7.5
I only speak English, sorry guys!
Feel free to add me!
:underage: MINORS DON’T INTERACT :underage:
Age: 18 years (January 5th, 2006)
I’m someone who likes video games, drawing, animation, music, and rhythm video games
I hope we get along very well! n.n

Hola a todos :wave: aquí nuevamente :grin: agreguen doalfresk@escargot.chat

Turkey, Türkiye, GMT+3
Turkish, Türkçe


Italy, GMT+1

Speak english fluent and italian, feel free to add me

Into videogames, software, technology and general chat.


Hi, I'm Ash
I'm 18F from the UK
I speak English, Japanese and French
My interests are:
  • Programming
  • Guitar
  • Rhythm games
  • Old consoles
  • I collect old phones
  • Anime and manga

Looking for friends!

add me tico59@escargot.chat :slight_smile: From Canada i speak french and English :slight_smile:

yyy… una vez más… :v


Greetings everyone! I’m Artyom
I’m 18 years old, I speak in Russian and English
I’m up for any topics. Here are my interests:

  • Vintage synthesizers (I can play on the piano), audio and video things
  • Windows Phone
  • Gardening
  • Soldering (still learning how to solder)
  • Music and singing.
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hi peeps I’m Ranvir
I like tech coding anime i speak English, and my time zone is UTC -6
I’m very into modding and messing around with stuff
and yeah, I can’t wait to meet you guys!!

hi guys! add me: Juan
I like friends, creating chat rooms, calls, and more I can speak Portuguese (brazil) and English!

Hi, you guys! :two_hearts:

Name: Elodie
Age: 24
Language: English Only
Location: North America, EST (UTC-5)
Interests: Aesthetics, Alternative Fashion, Animated Media, Baking, Beauty & Self-Care, Collecting, Coloring, Community Involvement, Decorating, Disney, Dolls, Gaming, Journaling, Plushies, San-X, Sanrio, Stickers, The Fine & Applied Arts, Thrifting, Vocaloid, and Volunteering
Contact: dvaplayer@escargot.chat

Only reach out if you are 20+, please!