Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Add me :]


Almost everyday online ^^

Dutch, English && Little Bit Spanish
Male 28
From The Nederlands

See y’all ;]


rares11w@gmail.com Romania, Iasi Spoken Langs: English, Romanian


Hi, you seem interesting, I added you :3


Just discovered this awesome project by watching a youtube video, MSN was the shit back in my teenage days, now i am old and love the nostalgia ;D add me if y’all like, i am swiss, speak german and english…


From Brazil :brazil:


Schreib mich mal an, wenn du on bist. Kann dich leider nicht kontaktieren! :smiley:


geht leider nicht, kann dich nichtmal mehr adden… lade späer aufm laptop mal ne ältere MSN version runter und versuchs dort


Uhhh did you make your account MD5? Or what?
That was off-topic, so add me: icanttellyou@got.account


Calabria, Italy






looking for people nice, friendly people to talk to


English Only


paulocezar205@hotmail.com Brazil :wink:



Minas Gerais, Brasil, GMT-3

Portuguese, English, Spañol


Atletico Mineiro? soy hincha del. aqui en brasil :smiley:


Looking for new msn friends.
Female, 38 Years old.


Girl, 25, Balkan. IT, music, left wing, queer, nostalgic, curious, used to play games - now I don’t have time unless it’s a show that needs to be bing watched.

English and learning a bit of Spanish.

Lets nudge each other!!11


22, M, from far, far south.
I like many topics, from games to physics, so anything goes. I’m quite into music, 24/7.
I speak english and spanish, and would love to learn more languages.


agregame a messenger mi correo es kamello@live.com.mx tambien soy de mexico , baja california norte.