Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Hi, French guy from Lyon, I’m 26, I speak french and english, I just want to use msn again and meet new people ! pastispark@gmail.com




Hey there!, 23 male, South Australia here! Add me on MSN. Beaveremcee@yahoo.com.au


20ish, female, UK

Main interests: Music (alternative music, post-punk and goth and indie and so on) mostly, but I’m just here for the experience of being added by random people again <:o) Oh and if Minesweeper Flags actually works on this then that, obvs. I only speak English but I do like lots of obscure Scandinavian indie bands?




Afraid not. All the games were hosted on a remote server that hasn’t been archived properly at all (imagine the results being both games that have missing assets and games that aren’t archived at all). :disappointed:


Hi there, Im male 27 from Sweden
add me on omarfawakhiri@hotmail.com

Online users

I’m Ariane and I speak english, french and german. I am 15 and loves to live like when I was 6 and contact randoms on MSN without my parent’s permission???
I’m from Canada!
My email is princessariane@live.ca
I am online like everyday <3


Male, 26 from The Netherlands, Everyday Online.

Contact: benpo@outlook.com
Language: Dutch, English

I want to just talk :)

ruzhov@msn.com and ruzhovegoro4ka@gmail.com


martingee@msn.com feel free to add me :stuck_out_tongue:

25, Germany, Online everyday



Handsome guy from Germany! Online almost every day!




Hey, guys!.
I’m from Argentina.
If y’all want, add me to your MSN: wilyyy2701@hotmail.com


I’m FelixMathias
Yeh, that’s all…
I speak English and Spanish.


Just a random guy from Australia, add me and chat about whatever.



mi email es:cf.becerra.a@gmail.com soy de chile



Italian and english.
From Italy.
Add me, I need the nostalgic sounds of my teenage years



if there’s anyone still using it, add me. I’m from Brazil.


Hey feel free to add me so we can go back in time together :smiley:

IM: vidskater@hotmail.com