Look how fast this is - My new AWS VPS

Btw thanks to yThunar for giving me this forever


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Lol the file finished downloading while i was typing this thread

What are you going to do with all this power? :slight_smile:

I actually want a online vm too :frowning:


me too


same, and don’t tell me to use the hellhole

also known as CollabVM the place where hentai is ruling the website.

and 4chan degenerates

and where there is no way to use non-nsfw vms.

i’m hosting a discord bot for a friend, i’m still planning what to do

if anyone have any ideas what to host, let me know

i’m gonna remake my glitch.me website, gimme ideas whatto put on it

you can’t anymore, glitch.com buys it


you can use google cloud they offer a free tier.

he be charged alot doe :flushed:

but they ask me for credit card, bruh

same did to me i typed mine in and i for a free tier :stuck_out_tongue:

can i borrow your credit card? I guess you won’t, then.

i hosted it with glitch.com, i’m gonna get my old code and remake it