Look how fast this is - My new AWS VPS

Why would you need my credit card? You can get a free one at bunq.(as long as you are 18)

oh, ok

can you give me advice on how to get server?

what kind? vps server?


You can use microsoft azure google cloud and AWS most time you get free trial or tier but you will need mastercard or visa.

can a debit card work?

Yes so long as it is mastercard or visa

I’ve went to collabvm a few times and I never saw any NSFW.

Maybe some guy searches NSFW when theres barely anyone on the site, but I dont know about that.

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well maybe it’s that

I saw some, well atleast the thumbnails, and i saw people going to dead urls.

Yes, but in Brazil, you can only get one if you have a Credit Card. I have already tried to use my debit card to get myself a free trial, it simply denied saying the card details were invalid, despite checking several times everything was correct/card had international purchases enabled and was not blocked.

well my question is why would you get a vps? if you can also host it some where else? i mean free trial may sound fun but it’s not fun if you go over the limit.

UPD: I’m doing something that might be exiting in the future with it

P.S.: Someone from mg is helping

i might make a whole thread about this soon, when i finish this