Linux Users!


old zorin os


for the most part i use Unity for most of my linux installs, and some of my other installs use Trinity or XFCE.


You’re like the only other person I know that knows about Trinity lol


I just switched to XFCE.


Here is how you can install window maganer on Vanilla Arch.



pac. man. pacman -S openbox


Lubuntu 18.10 with LXQt is good to old netbooks?


Oh, yeah.


i’m downloading of 16.04.5


I switched to (Vanilla) Arch Linux.

Best distro ever I seen.


how difficult was it to set up? :stuck_out_tongue: and was it worth it?


i haven’t set up Arch myself, but it doesn’t seem too difficult, you’re just doing things via command line rather than GUI.


It was 30 minutes maybe the installaton. The services, programs etc 1 hours. And ya it worh it. 400 MB ram usage not 1,2 Gb, 2x faster. And it is a so fast, stable distro with newest apps, kernel.


> Arch
> "stable distro"

U sure? I’ve heard different things about Arch


More stable than you would think.
It’s mostly just tinkerers breaking Xorg ater trying to switch DE’s or something.


I didn’t have any crash since july…


Lubutu installed:

but i have a problem w-fi not connecting


what is your laptop model?




Use ethernet.