Linux Users!


What desktop do you use?

  • KDE
  • Cinnamon
  • MATE
  • XFCE
  • LXDE
  • Other (Comment)

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I started (without counting Ubuntu’s default Unity DE) with Ubuntu MATE, after some time I switched to i3 and now I’m in XFCE

What do you use?


XFCE forever <3


I’m using Cinnamon right now, but it doesn’t come with many tools, and it really feels like it was just kinda ripped from Mint and half-assedly implemented into Arch.

I’m considering switching to GNOME or MATE+Compiz, but if I can’t get good performance, I’ll go back to XFCE.


In the days when I used Linux, I used Cinnamon :stuck_out_tongue:


when i use linux , i normally go with cinnamoll for linux mint , unity 7 for ubuntu , and gnome for fedora


Ubuntu with xp theme


He’s talking about Linux interfaces, not themes :stuck_out_tongue:


i never used linux, but i remember i try use lubuntu but the network driver not worked and i give up to use lubuntu


you gave up that easily?


Ew Gnome 3 is trash. Don’t use it. I might one day use Xfce. I am using the Mate desktop.


Is it slow?


No. I’m using Mate.


@FS_Virtual_Pilot try use the Manjaro. It install automatically some drivers.


no, i try search network driver in google and, the OS in this netbook is Win XP his
power cord disappeared, but i try reinstall lubuntu, @zRioziin you help me?


In most cases, you don’t search for the drivers on Google




Because Linux is not Windows and the process of installing software (like drivers) isn’t the same.
In Linux, you don’t go to a website, download an executable and run it to install a program; you use the terminal and a package manager to install it


i search driver for linux


What’s your pc model?