Linux Users!


of another notebook?


What model is the PC you want to install Linux on?




That’s the brand .-.
You know what? We’re ruining the thread.
Go here and read.
Look up something by yourself, at least ONE time


Oh my dear god.


So which distro do you would to use?




linux operating system… Linux Mint? Vanilla Arch? Ubuntu? ArcoLinux?





Install Arch the hard way. Not the easy way.
Or just use Debian or Ubuntu.


Lmao. Is Text installer easier Than gui installer? That logic


No, but I guess it makes you learn more; it forces you to learn.
However, I’d say you should experiment and try that method on a VM so you don’t screw up your main PC


Manjaro is an easy, user-friend distro for also newbies. It is so stable, fast with newest apps. It is easy if you have a linux friend.

Btw I switched to Manjaro KDE some hours ago…


GTK will look ugly.


Arch is not noob friendly though.
Even when using an installer.


even when using a installer

installer that does everything in 3 minutes

think about the gentoo users


Think about BSD and Vanilla Arch users.



its not that hard to install openbsd

vanilla arch

install a window manager, or pacman -S xfce


I’m a big fan of Pantheon, but I also like to use Deepin on top of Ubuntu 18.04. I wouldn’t install Deepin as a flavor though due to potential spyware tools that come with it. It has a nice looking desktop though.