Least sane windows virtual machine

alright messengergeek, i got a really awful idea.

i want to see how much abuse a virtual machine can get before it falls apart.

this vm is running windows xp sp3, and was installed using a “playkids edition” iso.

however, this is not remote desktop akin to collabvm/anydesk/teamviewer, i wanted something akin to an old-fashioned forum post (because this is a forum after all).

how this works:

  • suggest any change to the system that isn’t destructive, like the installation of something.

  • malicious software will not be accepted.

  • when I’ll can, I’ll reply with the results.

  • os upgrades will be infrequent and will be between official releases unless specified.

Install Minecraft. just for the lols

install like a load of software that has to run on startup

or better yet install a crap ton of antiviruses

install bonzibuddy

install fake antiviruses
make sure you gottta find a fake antivirus that dosent count as malware/spyware/trojan


So FakeVimes/MSAV won’t be valid since all of them are malicious


betacraft seems broken even after installing three versions of java (7, 8 b152, unofficial 8 b322), likely because of their patcher.

however, multimc does work.

antiviruses would interfere with the downloading of some files.


a bit overrated nowadays, but okay.

also while searching for this, i found out there’s… bonzi nfts???



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say “Dictate To Speakpad”
Once it opens, make sure it’s listening, start talking normally, then randomly start making loud noises, or speak very loudly.

big shame for my idea not working out it makes vm lag a lot


because i’ll have to disable it anyways, making it redudant

how about paroudy parrot. this probably counts as a virus non malware. similar to bonzi buddy



install protogent antivirus and a heck ton of browsers to all run “youareanidiot” at the same time

is this forum’s sense of humour stuck in 2017 or some shit?

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try installing paroudy parrot i said (sorry for saying it again though)

no results

current state of virtual machine: i upgraded it to windows 7 because xp ran like garbage. (anydesk is only for a close online friend of mine)

i meant prody parrot. if you still dont have the results. here is the link