Least sane windows virtual machine

I swear to god I never even care about that anymore and I even forgot about it

screenmates and desktop toys remember do not run them all at once or we going to have laggy experience (don’t worry it’s safe maybe if we talking about bonzi buddy but any other screenmates or desktop toys are completely safe and you can have fun with it also we can find those on archive.org also you can check it out this where you can found some cool things :hugs: thanks

scooby dancer

run the world’s biggest spyware: A FREE VPN


come on.

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is this shit even a virus or trojan?

I got an awful idea
So i found this Russian file sharing service, which serves an adware installer, the crap it installs is so bad, you’ll just have to see it for yourself


If ur wondering what the file i uploaded is, it’s a sonic fangame i have on my SSD, it’s actually good


i thought it was the sonic trojan game

Least sane windows virtual machine

Doesn’t look like this, ashamed.


yes that was my desktop on my Windows XP virtual machine before I had to reinstall my windows 10 and now I lost everything

did you seriously come back just to post this beautiful windows desktop?

This is very amazing

It’s only been 6 years.

I’ve seen those dedicated to try worse.

I have nothing really else to contribute here. aeiou, I guess.

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@gamerappa answer

@gamerappa you still didn’t answer


i was gonna do this, but discourse didnt let me

chaziz still didnt answer me

I wonder if the VM is still there

But I think I could do the sams

3 months later and still no answer from @gamerappa