La resurreccion de Windows XP

Hola, soy experto en computacion, y voy a hacer una version modificada de Windows XP SP3. que se llamara “Windows .NET Reloaded”.

Caracteristicas de esta version:

  1. Windows Messenger 4.7 no sera removido, se reemplazara con la version 4.6
  2. Temas de escritorio Royale, Royale Noir, Zune y Embedded
  3. Se integrara Internet Explorer 8
  4. WMP 9 se mantendra, sin forzar a actualizar a WMP 11
  5. Se removera Windows Update
  6. Xpize Integrado
  7. Y mucho mas…

Si les interesa este proyecto respondan, pero no respondan en ingles, respondan en Español

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Y como lo planeas hacer?

Lol windows updateupdate will be removed are u fucking seroius lol

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usando nlite

no uses linux en tu pc principal, usalo en una vm

if he wants to use linux in his main pc , its not a bad thing , since exist very good distro out there


The computer is his and he who decides what operating system he wants to use, regardless of whether you like it or not.

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inb4 “Hablar en Español SOLO” :stuck_out_tongue:

a house cant be made only of windows :stuck_out_tongue:


ESO ES GENIAL! \(≧▽≦)/ Pero cuando dejas link de descarga? Hazlo rapido porfa

pero ey, debes instalarle un BUEN antivirus (Recomiendo PSafe Total)

y para que ejecute aplicaciones actuales, instalale WINE (De linux)

PSafe is horrible. And it dropped support for PCs in 2017 if I’m not wrong.

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This guy was banned because he uploaded malware on the forum.

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Thanks, i dont have idea

Psafe total worksperfec in my pc

Doesn’t mean it’s good

PSafe does NOT get virus definitions since it has been discontinued. That means it does not detect new threats. Wanting to use an antivirus that does not work anymore is a shot in one’s own foot.

Thanks for the info…
I dont have idea… but i just use it in a Virtual Machine, my Real PC is safe