JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Discussion Thread

Discuss the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This includes the manga, as well as the anime.

Make sure to put spoilers to the series under a spoiler tag. I’d prefer if you noted what part the spoiler spoils, too.

Example: (Stone Ocean Spoiler) [spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler]
(Stone Ocean Spoiler) This text will be blurred

Relevant Links

JJBA on Crunchyroll (you can watch the anime with subs here)
JoJo’s Colored Adventure (colorizes and translates the manga)
Wikipedia Article (exactly what it says on the tin)

there’s also which translates and release individual chapters of a lot of manga(including JJBA) when they release :slight_smile:

and btw what is your favorite part? in manga i think mine is part 8 or 7. in anime Part 2 is excellent

I think i’m a normie, I never understood any of the Jojo memes.


if you never watched or read jojo yeah

watching/reading jojo might help with that, assuming you havent

Vento Aureo or SBR

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se vc não gosta de JJBA, por que está comentando sobre o tópico?


Pedrox, don’t call communities faggots, this backfired to me once i called goanimate fankids go!fags.

source: a meta “lounge” post that was overlooked due to it being in lounge.

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who agrees that chase is the worst anime intro

why are you calling me out like this man

sorry but your opinion is wrong

No. All jojo opening are excellent. Including chase or whatever. My fav is fighting gold tho

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oh yeah, fighting gold is excellent. my fav is End Of The World

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thats it im boutta

Good one :stuck_out_tongue:

so today I learned that Viz cut down most of the OPs because of US television guidelines

there is no God

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that’s so bad wtf???

and so they do that to ALL jojo opening? that so lame

yeah, I’m afraid to see how they’ll do Fighting Gold since the dub of Meet The Gangster Behind The Wall is coming up tonight