Is there any good Escargot client on Linux?

I just want to preface this, I do know you can connect to Escargot on Pidgin, but you need to edit the source code, which, I personally can’t be arsed to.

This worked for me.

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I do know you can use the original client, I’m just wondering if there’s a native client.

friend as I can install the flash player bone this sh winetricks riched20 gdiplus msxml3 flash as it comes out I can’t open winetricks as I do for the windows live messenger is functional if I can’t install that program because I have seen in the video that you have to install that program but when I install it comes out that error in the terminal I do not know if the flash player is removed in Winetricks

flash is not really required, it is only required for winks

So how can I make the messenger functional in winehq since I can’t access my mail? I need a solution for that since I don’t have windows but linux, so I get the windows live messenger as well as in the video the mail and password bars are blocked and you can’t write anything I need a solution for this

Install riched20 and riched30

it worked thanks friend that was the tool that I was missing I got it in winetricks, they should put this tool in the escargot page both Microsoft XML parser 3.0 or Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 for wine /crossover in the versions of linux, chrome os, etc that is not windows


Glad you, if the problem is solved.

then head out the discord server