Is the Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta installer somewhere in the damn internet?


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i cant even find the msn 8.0 BETA in internet


For the people that doesn’t know what it is:

(kind of like a nicer Outlook Express with a junk filter and its way better than Windows Mail)



i… kinda already did that
all i found is a megaupload link which is obviously not going to download from


wow , its SO COOL , i love the desing , so much information in screen


ur welcome


this works with wine ?


I’m gonna try


i think it can, also thanks for the link, it works with an account


i only have playonlinux so pls try on it


opened up and already got this window…


same here ;-;

‘’ Windows Live Mail desktop setup has failes with error cose 1603 "


It works on Windows 10 so i guess it will work on earlier versions too ofc


yeah… use a vm :stuck_out_tongue:


i wil try in my windows xp vm


Let’s get my Vista installation with WLM 8, this thing and 2006 versions of everything wee


couldn’t install on XP, and I’m too lazy to install 7; but it will surely work on 7


oh here in windowsxp vm works perfect