Is Pedrox Azeem? [No, he isn't]

im starting to think pedrox is azeem

Pedrox is NOT Azeem.

Azeem had poor english and kept making “gibberish threads”, Pedrox has decent english, and rarely makes useless threads.


I don’t think so

finally my english is good enough to mg say that it’s atleast decent.

well back in '18-'19 i can agree my english was bad af, but i tried improving it each year more

can you link me just ONE useless thread i made?

CMS stuff yes, the other two we ended up learning something from at least.


yes but at the same time they were pretty useless

Now while i’d understand that you think the COSTV thread is pointless, probably cause it’s self-advertisement… But it’s not disallowed in the rules of this forum (which are more laid-back than the MG Discord’s).

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its pointless but its not against the rules, i agree, i still think its pointless nevertheless