In the future wlm 2010 supported too? Not only wlm 2011 and wlm 2012

In the future wlm 2010 supported too? Not only wlm 2011 and wlm 2012

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You mean the beta that eventually led to WLM 2011? I’ve seen mentions of it but I’ve yet to come across an actual executable for it.

Yeah i mean the Wlm betaaaaaaaaa!! And why is the wlm 2009 skin for wlm 8.5 hasn’t got a same status indicator green cube as the original msn?wlm 2010 beta avaiable

please make a wlm 2010 skin for wlm 8.5 thanks!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

With status around the Profile image

I found an installer for WLM 2010, but it’s a web installer and surprise, it doesn’t work.

Screenshot from 2020-04-01 08-11-55

Then what’s this? (on OldApps)

Oh god, it’s too big :frowning:

That’s for WLM 2009 (the latest build, I might add :stuck_out_tongue:).

I was able to find one from the Wayback Machine but I’ve yet to verify if it’s WLE 2010 or some other installer Microsoft replaced it with.

I think I’ve struck gold, people.


Hmm with this one too

I already looked there and the links are dead. Besides, I think I have the installer I want.


Installer failed when I tried to install Messenger on my machine. Time to pull out the Windows 7 VM.

Installer worked on Windows 7 and I was able to launch up the beta. It pretty much looks exactly like WLM 2011 when it comes to the login screen. (EDIT: It is WLM 2011, just a beta version of it :S)

As for protocol it sends MSNP21 as one of the supported protocol versions, so in that regard it isn’t very interesting. I’ll probably look back into making this work once MSNP21 support is in the works.


Yeah pls revive this wlm beta version

he said he’ll probably do it once msnp21 support begins devolpment

What are the differences from 2010 and 2011?

OK so I feel stupid. I ended up getting a WLM 2011 beta, not a 2010 beta (the About dialog in the 2010 beta has its version listed as 2009). This might take more time then I anticipated.

And as I said that I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. Here’s to hoping I don’t get duped again.

(Since Discourse is being picky I’ll post what would be my next reply here)

First thing I notice about the 2010 beta is that the login screen is the same as 2009’s but more widescreen and with the obvious beta labels.

Second, from looking at the network transactions this beta uses MSNP20 (not 21) as its protocol. What differences this entails I have no idea right now, but hopefully it isn’t anything too difficult to guess. Now there’s figuring out if MSNP19 is used at all.

Interesting. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I’m still waiting for WLM 2009 anyway. :smiley:

Is there a link to the installer?

This thing has problems installing on Windows 10 and it only ever installs properly on Windows 7 (I believe this thing doesn’t support XP at all) so be warned.

EDIT: I copied the wrong link. Fixed.

EDIT 2: The last link I copied has issues/might be the wrong client again, so I just uploaded the installer I have to Dropbox and linked it here.