In the future wlm 2010 supported too? Not only wlm 2011 and wlm 2012

its becouse it has the windows live login component, the component is now in 8, 8.1 and 10 so it cant install it, in wlm 2012 it skips that when its already there

Um, no. If you actually read what I said you’d understand why the web installer doesn’t work (major hint: It downloads files to install programs). Then again you’re a troll, so why should I bother with trying to reason with you?

I’m not trolling. It was for real.

However I realized it was an online installer, so thank you, won’t be doing some more trolling, I’m gonna answer questions perfectly, just gotta find the reasons why.

Thaks you im from 2020 :slight_smile: