If anyone needs this Escargot logo


Here’s my idea of a different branding approach from the butterfly…


thats cool doe



What about combining both the butterfly and the shell?
And how about some color variations?

And here’s one with a gradient that resembles the old MSN logo.


now that’s what i like to see.


Oh, that’s why you was replying to me, i did not understand until i saw you replyed to my request.
thank you.
Anyway, pretty good.


Here’s some ideas with the Escargot Shell logo that has been developed. (Credit to @JoSch for the current logo)


It’s a buttered snail


I like the logo Michael Made :smile: that is cool


i didn’t know you go on escargot poke!



I piggybacked off of yuka’s design to make this, i know it probably wont be used but uh hey i think it looks nice

also a possible extension to “continuing the conversation” could be “we forgot we were having”, referring to how msn was kind of just forgotten over the years by most people, but that might make it too long


Bliss Wallpaper that background, Blue msn buddy and the words.

MSN Explorer