If anyone needs this Escargot logo


Here’s my idea of a different branding approach from the butterfly…


thats cool doe



What about combining both the butterfly and the shell?

And how about some color variations?

And here’s one with a gradient that resembles the old MSN logo.


now that’s what i like to see.


Oh, that’s why you was replying to me, i did not understand until i saw you replyed to my request.
thank you.
Anyway, pretty good.


Here’s some ideas with the Escargot Shell logo that has been developed. (Credit to @JoSch for the current logo)


It’s a buttered snail


I like the logo Michael Made :smile: that is cool


i didn’t know you go on escargot poke!


Bliss Wallpaper that background, Blue msn buddy and the words.


not a big fan of using it with Franklin Gothic still, as with what’s being used now, plus I’m still kinda wondering why the colors got changed around.


Nice one! :wink:


Dude at least give me credit for making it.


Long time @Old_Bill !