If anyone needs this Escargot logo


can you make kindly this on photoshop?? cause i dont know a clue from design on computer. you can use the original '‘ercargot’'logo from JoSch

thank you…



I made this Escargot logo a few months ago. Just found it :laughing:


we can use that for ‘‘avatar’’


thank you.

can you put my ‘‘people have the power’’ ???

also can you rotate the snails by the letters directions as we type them???


If you want your handwriting on it, write it on white paper and take a brighter picture. Otherwise I can get around to handwriting it later.

But I personally don’t like this idea much at all, but then I have no attachment to the messenger emoticons or copying the MSN font, or using a registered trademark graphic.


now im thinking it again i think your 3rd purpose is much cooler,if we add the msn butterfly it will be cool.


i will send you my handmade ‘‘people have the power’’ soon

thank you.


those are both nice :smile:


Not spam, but I made this because I like what we are doing here :slight_smile:

^ Click the image to see it full ^


I Love it :heart: I even enhanced it in quality for myself. the background, Blue msn buddy and the words are kinda glowing in HD now. :smile:
I’ll hand it to you later Bill if you want it.


Hi! I like it. Could you tell me the font used in the word “escargot”, please?


the one from @JoSch is either Franklin Gothic or something extremely similar.


Yes It is Franklin Gothic.


Thank you very much :3


here’s some more mucking about for something else. this one is just rough mind you.


Nice, I like those logo Yuka


They look great :smiley:


can you take the logo not the letters from this picture and put it on the left of this foto below?



Like this?