Ideas for MSN tabs?


Now that the tabs are working, it’s just displaying whatever happened to be the official tabs back in the day, but they can be changed to show whatever. So, what do y’all want to see there?

Some ideas:

  • MessengerGeek forum
  • Escargot news
  • Facebook


Spotify Web, is it possible?


Maybe Twitter. (probably in mobile version, so it looks better - same as for Facebook).
Perhaps Youtube, too.


Maybe an updated version of the eBay tab?


well don’t we already have the escargot news connected to msn today button? so maybe start with the messengergeek forum and from there go down to sites like ebay and amazon, facebook, etc.
Maybe even some sites that have a learning curve for people who get distracted easily. such as’s homepage or another site that has games that help disabled learn better.


Yeah, I did replace MSN Today with Escargot News, but it never works for me.


Same it just stays on “Loading MSN Today” for a minute then goes to say it’s temporaily unavailable.


Escargot News is good idea,


That’s strange. it works fine for me. wonder why it doesn’t work for you guys.


An Weather tab if possible to show the current weather and an Alerts tab for notifications.


Awesome to see Escargot Today and MessengerGeek Forum working on MSN 7.5!


Yep, thanks @PokeAcer!


Escargot news would be a good idea.


No problem :stuck_out_tongue:
If there are any more tabs you’d like, just change the lines of tabs, make sure notification id and site id are 0 (if 1 it’s a "We will log you in with your Passport account), and just make sure all URLs are HTTP.

It can go to HTTPS through the tab, but it wont let you connect first over HTTPS.


I never see tabs on my PC (MSN 7 Portable) but I see them on my brother’s PC (MSN 7.5), and I can’t upgrade to MSN 7.5 because I don’t want to uninstall Windows Essentials - can you make them work on MSN 7.0?
(if I press MSN Today, it doesn’t do anything)


@valtron can you add please Google search?


@Tasos_Anas The search bar at the bottom uses DDG :smile: Type “!g” at the beginning to search with google, “!w” for wikipedia, and see here for more.


just the old game tab , loved the game’s


1)MSN Weather


3)Facabook Messenger



Escargot Spaces :slight_smile: