ICQ is officially dead. KICQ lives on!

Official press release in Russian: VK усилит команды мессенджеров для пользователей и бизнеса — VK Tech

TL;DR: ICQ is shutting down on June 26. It was useless due to disabling old procotols and was left as another Telegram clone. VK (ex Mail.ru) is planning to do some company rearrangement and will move ICQ Developers to work on VKontakte

Altrough KICQ still lives and exists! There’s an guide to how to register

For proper support, including 6+ support (which KICQ lacks), 2000-8, full support, and ICQ New and pre-2000 support coming soon too, check NINA https://nina.chat — plus AIM (including all versions, and mobile apps), and AOL Desktop (the real deal!).

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yea just opensource and unpaywall it

It will be free after it’s feature complete. People who want to help us out with hosting can donate $5 to get access to it.

what about opensourcing it, don’t dodge the question

Not in our plans.

Worked well for KICQ/iserverd, there’s less features and even less people to talk to.

nah won’t use that

bro can yall not bring drama for no reason at all

(im talking to both vova and anima)

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bc i’m still mad at this stupid decition to close source all projects in december '21

can you just fucking provide a source code so i can not rely on your shitty server and use my own

the point of reviving old soft is to make it more accessible and controllable, not to make a fan service with donation to have access to smth

i dont really care, if it was some critical shit then sure, but some nostalgia bait revival server idc if its closed source or not

all i ask for is, if escargot/nina ever disappears, whether it’s a C&D or just laziness, they should open source the server

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If you want an open source one, why don’t you do it? Why is it someone else has to do all the work for you and you just demand it? Where do you get that sense of entitlement from?

Edit: Especially if you’re going to call the server shitty. It’s like “Yeah you guys suck, are garbage, and your stuff is all garbage, btw give me all your stuff because I’m too lazy to do it myself and if you don’t then you’re bad.” No one is forcing you to use our shitty server, which weirdly is too shitty to use but not too shitty for you to take and run yourself, interesting. Maybe do it yourself so I can ask you for everything for free and then if you say no or it isn’t up to my standards I can take a dump on you.

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Even if you get a C&D there’s other options than folding faster than Superman on laundry day. I don’t mind making things such as libraries and other stuff open over time, but veselcraft’s arrogance and entitlement is one of the reasons I personally just don’t open everything right away. You can work your ass off on something then someone just demands all your work, ridicules you if you dare ask for $5, and then shits all over you, but they’ll take it anyway while spitting in your face.

ya it sounds like I’m moron, but the point is its still not a problem to just provide the sources, since, again, reviving old software is to make it more accessible, usable and controllable

for example - rebble project. they provide paid voice recognition for pebble watches through google, but i can make my own, just because rebble provides a source code for that (which i used, forked it and replaced a service that supports my native language). in case of escargot i cant do that (at least on latest version) - i cant run the server for thematical LAN party, for my home, etc. i need to spend time on reverse engeneering, where “hey its our code don’t still it” will not work now, and the policy of closing source it because of “kids running their servers” sounds stupid. i run the openvk project, we have nothing to paywall, we don’t provide any benefits for paid support and it still runs on crowdfunding money that we ear every month, there was “kids” (actually, adults) who annoyingly asked us to help with the instance (they did nothing, not even bought the server), but that’s a not a big deal to spend 5 minutes to tell what user need and what should it do

since it can be reverse engineered (even by donators who have access to paid server) and there’s lots of other reviving services, there’s no point of hiding it. if u aware of stealing your work - that’s your problem, everyone learns on strangers’ code, throw away that american private property principle

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wasn’t the whole gimmick of Escargot when valtron started it that it was open source? or was it open sourced later on? It was still up on GitLab when walkingphasers was working on it, and it was still up when MSNP18 was implemented.

I’m not one to cast debate a service for how it’s managed; I don’t expect there to be any major troubles or anything, but Escargot has arguably the best custom MSNP server that I’m aware of — why not grant access to it to those who want it? I don’t see any harm in that…

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i’m glad the revived kicq is still going at least, the current icq was a terrible whatsapp/telegram clone that offered nothing to set it apart from the competition

Out of the topic, Hey @Animadoria Can one of the escargot discord server moderators unban me? I’m already 16 and they haven’t still unbanned me

I think it might be permament

me too !

ive noticed the revived icq sometimes loses connection or simply wont connect, i wonder if the service is a bit up n down sometimes for others?