ICQ is officially dead. KICQ lives on!


Now: https://nina.chat/connect/icq/

We’ve got open door (free) ICQ support for ICQ 2000 through 8. So more versions and more active users than KICQ, and we update weekly, I’m not sure they ever update their software.

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Unfortunately KICQ has serious stability issues, it can stay unavailable for hours sometimes, and that doesn’t solves for years. Also offline messages in Cyrillic never arrives, which I personally reported and demonstrated, but nothing changed as well. And that is magic Open Source, which is open and all, but actually nobody can/want debug and fix that obvious flaws. Original maintainer of iServerD abandoned that project many years ago, which doesn’t make things any easier.
That’s why I put some more hopes into NINA project.

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however, iserverd was licensed by the four-clause BSD, and this casts doubt on the decision in (L)GPL programs

perhaps I have plans to implement my own OSCAR server/client, if of course you help with this


I have been using ICQ via Nina for around two days now, and it is absolutely seamless in the way it works. Just download version 6 from oldapps/oldversion.com and change the hostname to match NINA’s protocol, and of course support the project (if you want to). Guys trust me, It is actually alright




That’s definitely on NINA :wink:


I think you’re too late for free nina icq registrations

well i’ma try it now hope it doesnt work cuz it wont work btw

noooooooooooo :frowning: