I want to do live messenger 2011 software!

Is it possible to create a messaging program that looks exactly like Live Messenger 2011? with group messaging, status notation and all the features that messenger 2011 had because I want to do it online with username and password storage! (I’m a beginner programmer) (I’m using visual studio 2010)???


  • one more question! How do I make a site-based login system? so we create an account online and sign in to my live messenger program! any idea? please tell me step by step :slight_smile:

it is theoretically possible

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it would look like this:

You would need to get the web server to talk with the actual servers themselves, By doing that. The web server would be able to send account credentials and be able to sign in on your program

and how can i get this web server???

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It’s your website! :stuck_out_tongue:
well i am positive.

I want to know how to start programming the message sending program. how to prepare it?

First you need to get a programming software, then learn some coding, then finally after some time. b o o m

OK! thanks bro! but the programming ist hard!!!
Which programming language can be used to create the best messaging software?

do you think I can create a visual messaging program with visual studio 2010? because I’m installing it now

I’m not to sure on programming, you should try C++ or Phython!

I think so!, I use the latest version where you can put buttons or text on a screen to create the program!

ok fine!!! i learn programming :slight_smile: i’M a begginer :slight_smile:

It’s good! Take your time programming, never skip corners!

ok thanks the tips!!!
And there are videos on youtube that show you how to create a messaging program ??? anyway thanks for the tips! I do with c ++ since microsoft did the original windows live messenger with c ++ :slight_smile:

You could always go the easy route and patch the legitimate clients themselves but you do you!

and anyway with python it is possible to revive windows live messenger 2011 the way escargot does ???

Maybe for like starting the server and stuff.