I started Ashley's MSN Server (BETA 2)


bandicam%202018-05-06%2019-38-58-375 The last i need to make it open to the world!


But why?


nice but we dont need second msn server man


Why not?


This is not about escargot


uhm… escargot is msn server too.But anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


iT’S ABOUT Ashley’s msn server


[[Nobody cares]]

oh wait… this isn’t a wiki


every im is a virus

also not like this has been tested… three times


His problem is port forwarding his computer to make the server public.


Why 2 servers we already have one known as’‘escargot msn’’ and it goes forward to msn 2009

Ashley vs escargot ( #badtitle #yeah )

not my fault ma isp sucks


No problem in having two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


you’re forgetting the other (possible) 2 million others


So just because the escargot does exist, does that mean we can not have another server? God damn these people are strange.


its like you saying’‘we have 1 facebook we can not have another facebook?’'I mean everyone uses escargot and not ashleys.i have many contacts in escargot and i dont want to lose them.He is just a copyer.


Still, what’s the problem with having multiple servers hosting the same protocol? :stuck_out_tongue:


he want to start a new server so why not , if you dont want to use it so THE POBLEM IS YOURS

because he is popular , but this dont mean that people cant create new servers just because a more popular one already exist


Like MeowMSN


and also ESCARGOT S TERRIBLE IN MSN 4.7 AND DOWN (usable but Ashley is better ) so people WILL use Ashley server for older versions and escargot for newer versions