I hope phoenix will be better

i hope this, so it can get strong moderators, bans hackers and exploiters, servers must be secure, and more
if they happen for real, i appriciate this

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Kiko, stop saying bad about NINA/Escargot, especially here
NINA already has a massive hatred towards MG, and you are not helping at all

and i hope im allowed to join again when im 13, animandoria didnt listen which its a BIG, PAIN

i know escargot and nina is better than phoenix, but all i want is to join again

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I’m still mad at admiria for banning u

well nina gonna be better lol
at least more things won’t crash

he didnt hear my plan like “i wont sign in escargot/nina until im 13”, what on gods earth is going on with his ears bruh

what the point in this lol, you got banned, no unbanning for forever

i should make a new account if im 13 though

wish me luck, also_world

well, they still gonna ban you
even after 13

hmm, is it possible to aplogize animandoria for what have i done

i really hope

nope, that a politic of server, got banned one time, no excuses will help lol

should i just kill myself in real life though

i should do it

just because you got banned??
that just a server…

i get pain if i dont use escargot and nina

well if you really want use it
just register account on escargot, not in discord, just in msn/yahoo service